lady libertyWhen you are looking into planning your next vacation New York is definitely a destination that you should be considering. There are many wonderful sites to see while visiting New York and the following will give you a few suggestions for places to visit during your vacation.

If you would like to get a world-class view of New York then you must visit the top of the Empire State Building. A couple of tips that can make your visit even more enjoyable: First of all keep track of what the weather will be like when you plan to visit as the best views from the top of this famous building is on a clear day. If you would like to save some time, you should purchase your tickets online. Just select the day that you are going to visit and as soon as you are able to get though security, you can bypass the ticket line and head straight for the lines to get on one of the elevators. The observatory opens at 8am and closes at midnight with the last elevator descending at around 11:15pm so the Empire State Building is a good attraction to fit in either at the beginning or ending of your site seeing day.

The Statue of Liberty is another must see attraction while sight seeing in New York. This ever-enduring symbol of freedom is a fun way to learn more about the history of the United States. Plan to arrive early when you visit the Statue of Liberty, this way you will have a much better chance of avoiding long lines. You should pack your own lunch, as there are plenty of spaces available to have a picnic. In addition, if you will be spending a bit of time outdoors so make sure that you dress appropriately. If you are vacationing and on a bit of a budget then you will definitely want to take the Staten Island Ferry when you visit that Statue of Liberty, it’s free.

Central Park is another great stop on a trip through New York. You could enjoy a picnic or a boat ride or simply just talk a stroll through the beautiful park. A few notable spots in this famous park include Central Park Zoo which is a great alternative for families that do not want make the journey to the equally popular Bronx Zoo. Strawberry Fields Pictures is a gorgeous living tribute to John Lennon. You can see beautiful Imagine Mosaic and over one hundred different species of plants here. Shakespeare in the Park holds performances at the Delacorte theater in Central park all throughout the summer. You will not be disappointed taking in a show.

These are just three of the great attractions that New York has to offer its visitors each and every day. The internet is an excellent place to locate even more great attractions and events going on through out the year that would make your vacation to New York even more memorable. No matter what you decide to do or what time of the year you choose to visit you are bound to have a fun and exciting vacation.