ny stateThe state of New York is diverse in many ways including its landscapes, cultures and cities. In the north there is the Adirondack Mountains with a number of excellent outdoor activities to choose from. In the western half of the state there are unique and charming cities such as Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Rochester. The south part of the city features the excellent museums and nightclubs of New York City along with an almost limitless supply of entertainment, accommodations and attractions to choose from. Including world renowned sights such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. For boating and fishing visitors should go to Long Island for their vacation.

When it comes to the state of New York everyone thinks of New York City. It has an wide diversity of architecture, galleries, museums, neighborhoods, restaurants and cultural events along with a great theatre district. New York City has everything you need all in one place. Broadway features a number of shows to choose from for those who enjoy the theatre. Central Park is an excellent place to go to experience the outdoors in the middle of New York City. In order to experience everything there is in New York City it would take a lifetime. However, some of the main sites you should visit for your first time to get a good introduction including the Empire State Building, the Lincoln Center, the Guggenheim Museum, the United Nations Buildings, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

For a vacation outside of the bustling city consider going to the state capital in Albany. This city is also located on the Hudson River. When visiting you can either walk around the town on foot or choose to take a tour by trolley. Albany has the New York State Museum which features all the information you needed to know about the history of the state of New York. A number of local events can be found at the Altamont Fairground. You can also visit the Erie Canal which extends between Albany and Lake Erie.

Two top hotels to stay at in New York City include the Le Parker Meridien which offers all around good accommodations. This includes an excellent blend of style, service and amenities. This hotels offers visitors a little bit of everything including luxury, high tech services, family friendly amenity options, comfort and a excellent location within the city. The second option is the Hotel Metro which is located in midtown and has an excellent value for what you get in terms of accommodations.

In Albany an excellent place to stay is the Morgan State House. This is a small inn that offers elegance and luxury. The rooms are spacious and it is up there with five star hotels. The details come from the nineteenth century and there are many antiques in each room. It also comes with an interior garden courtyard for guests relaxation.